International Personal Bank Account Opening

The International Personal Bank Account Opening service, provided by Obelisco Advisers, is an inclusive solution designed to assist individuals in opening personal bank accounts, such as checking or savings accounts, and other banking services in up to 178 countries. This service is tailored to facilitate the account opening process remotely in many jurisdictions and offers global accessibility, ensuring that individuals can manage their personal finances effectively, irrespective of their international location. Obelisco Advisers has established relationships with financial institutions around the world, enabling us to provide custom services to our clients.


Here’s how our International Personal Bank Account Opening service at Obelisco Advisers can benefit individuals in up to 178 countries:


  • Global Reach: Our service extends its reach to individuals residing in up to 178 countries, allowing them to open personal bank accounts without the need to be physically present*.


  • Account Selection: We assist individuals in selecting the most suitable type of account based on their financial needs and goals, ensuring they have access to the financial tools required for efficient management of their finances.


  • Remote Application: Our service allows individuals to complete the bank account application process remotely, with no requirement for physical presence*, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for those living abroad.


  • Efficiency: We streamline the bank account opening process, reducing potential delays and ensuring individuals can access their accounts promptly and efficiently, no matter where they are located internationally.


  • Banking Relationship: Obelisco Advisers collaborates with a variety of financial institutions worldwide, allowing us to provide custom services to our clients, catering to their specific financial needs and circumstances.


  • Access to Financial Tools: By opening personal bank accounts internationally with our assistance, individuals can access essential financial tools, such as debit cards, online banking, and mobile banking apps, regardless of their international location.


With Obelisco Advisers’ International Personal Bank Account Opening service, individuals residing outside the United States can navigate the account setup process with ease, ensuring they have the necessary financial tools. Our remote service eliminates the need for physical presence, saving time and expenses related to travel while providing access to personal bank accounts internationally, no matter where individuals are located*. We are here to assist individuals every step of the way, making the process straightforward and accessible across up to 178 countries.


*Note: While many jurisdictions allow remote account opening, some may require a one-time in-person visit before finalizing the bank account opening process.

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