International Business Bank Account Opening

The International Business Account Opening service, provided by Obelisco Advisers, is a comprehensive solution designed to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in opening business bank accounts, enabling them to conduct international financial transactions and manage their corporate finances efficiently. This service extends its reach in up to 178 countries, offering global accessibility and eliminating the need for physical presence, ensuring that businesses can seamlessly access financial tools and services from banks all around the world.


Here’s how the International Business Account Opening service at Obelisco Advisers can benefit businesses and entrepreneurs in up to 178 countries:


Global Reach: Our service provides businesses with access to our extensive network of banking relationships in up to 178 countries, enabling them to open business bank accounts without the necessity of physical presence*.


Account Selection: We assist businesses in selecting the most appropriate type of business account based on their financial requirements, ensuring access to essential financial tools and services.


Remote Application: This service allows businesses to complete the business bank account application process remotely, eliminating the need for physical presence*. This offers a cost-effective and convenient solution for businesses with international financial operations.


Efficiency: We streamline the account opening process, reducing potential delays, and ensuring that businesses can access their accounts promptly and efficiently, regardless of their global locations.


Banking Relationships: Obelisco Advisers has established partnerships with a diverse range of financial institutions worldwide, allowing us to provide customized services to businesses, catering to their unique financial needs and operational circumstances.


Access to Financial Tools: By opening international business bank accounts with our assistance, businesses and entrepreneurs can access essential financial tools, such as corporate debit cards, online banking, and mobile banking applications, ensuring efficient international financial management.


With Obelisco Advisers’ International Business Account Opening service, businesses and entrepreneurs operating internationally can navigate the account setup process with ease. This service eliminates the need for physical presence, saving time and expenses associated with travel and facilitating access to essential financial services on a global scale. We are here to assist businesses every step of the way, making the process straightforward and accessible across up to 178 countries.


*Note: While many jurisdictions allow remote account opening, some may require a one-time in-person visit before finalizing the bank account opening process.

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