I’m a passionate and highly committed professional with over 10 years of experience in the financial and real estate sectors. As a Regional Director at Obelisco Advisers, I lead our team focused on providing comprehensive solutions in Banking, Loans, and Real Estate for individuals and companies in the USA and worldwide.

In my role as a Regional Director, I take pride in leading a dynamic team that strives to provide comprehensive solutions and first-class service to our clients. My focus is on offering expert advice to international investors, guiding them through the process of identifying and selecting investment opportunities in the US market. With a deep understanding of the market and a strong network of contacts, I work tirelessly to assist my clients in making informed and profitable decisions in their real estate investments.

In addition to my focus on international business development, I am also an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, which has given me a unique perspective on the importance of innovation and adaptability in global markets.

My passion for business development, customer care, and leadership motivates me to continue growing and embracing new challenges.

Whether you are interested in the real estate market, banking, or property financing in the United States, I am here to provide you with detailed information, effective strategies, and high-quality service tailored to your specific needs and goals


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